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1. The Way.       stories and reminiscing on The Way of St. James

2. Preparation   all you need to know about planning a camino

3. Routine        what you should expect as a daily / weekly routine


Where to begin? At the beginning some might say but don't all good stories have many beginnings? Afterall, there is no Frodo without a Bilbo, no Darth without an Anakin, no order with chaos.

How did a little boy from a Glasgow slum end up in a small village in Denmark? Well I can thank the Camino for that unexpected turn and as such, I have devoted a whole tab to others who wish to see their life turned upside down and inside out because a journey of five hundred miles begins in the imagination, long before you take the first step.


For everyone else, I invite you to follow me on my lifetime journey. A journey filled with great travel stories, humour (I hope), some almost unbelievable adventures, and angst, a good story should always have angst.


a journey is more than travelling


settling is more than staying still

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