Are you interested in walking a Camino but not sure how to start?


Well I hope this website will be exactly what you need to begin your journey.


You, the potential pilgrim does not need 432 million results from Google. You need simple, useful and reliable information. Think of this blog as a filter, a way of reducing a giant haystack of data to a reassuringly small pile of specific pieces of straw.


Why should you trust me? Well I have completed three Camino’s, and numerous other long distance hikes. I am not an expert but I am experienced.


The three pages of information are found on “CAMINO”.

  1. The Way - my personal stories about my three Camino journeys, plus general information from my gained experience of hiking.

  2. Camino Preparation - what you need to know before making any decisions.

  3. Camino Routine - what to expect on a daily / weekly basis while on a Camino.


What this blog is NOT - it is giving advice. I am only offering you the questions and the information you will need to know before you make your decisions.

At the bottom of the blog post is a  #  if you click on the one you are interested in, it opens a page with all the same  #  and related subjects

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