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contents page for the Camino preparation

This page is basically a contents page for the following 16 blocks of information (approximate). The idea is to make each block short and simple, and to follow a logical step by step progress, starting from the big questions and moving to more detailed.


Approximately 16 blogs


The Circle of Decision Making - using the Camino Frances as an example

  • When to go, how long will it take, where to start and end

  • The journeys to and from the Camino

  • Training


  • How much will it cost and why

  • Travel to and from

  • Accommodation

  • Food & extras

Gear - it’s all about the weight

  • Don’t buy expensive gear, what to take and what to leave behind

  • Boots, socks & underwear

  • Backpack

  • A day pack

  • What to wear and what to carry


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