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Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Slowly the plans of mice and men

Of ticking clock and striking Ben

Some called Prince most called knave

All born to time a slave

Father Time watch me weep

Tomorrow I lay my soul to sleep

A six day week I will labour

Turn the plough into sabre

Harvest weeds, € for toil

$ for ancient forest spoil

Buy your sister £ for lb

Sold my soul to the devil’s hound

Bully cause the weak to cower

Awesome flag display your power

The righteous swear on the constitute

Who cares for a child prostitute?

Boundary stones is poor exploitation

My soul oppressed to defend your nation

But even youths grow tired and weary

No one left awake to hear ye

Kings to the right of me jokers all about

Only the faithful in any doubt

Too lazy to care, what’s done is best

To bed to bed my soul to rest

Another day another dollar

Sleep 8 hours declares the scholar

Fold your hands and close your eyes

Sex and sand and sun bed lies

Indolent fasting sack cloth and ashes

The sinner’s soul redeemed backlashes

There must be more to life than this?

My appeal betrayed with a kiss

Another place where I belong

A hope, a dream, a better song

For sunny days, a clear blue sky

My soul at rest before I die

Have You not declared my rest?

A day for You at Your behest

The prophets cry the slave is free

Goodness and mercy shall follow me

My faith restored remade me whole

All is well; all is well with my soul


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